Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter came and Easter went. Easter Sunday night I spent the evening pondering real estate online and watching a really stupid movie.

Then I went for a "drive" on Google maps. Does anyone else do that, I wonder? Scroll along up the road to get a feel for the neighbourhood and the surroundings. I thought I'd have a look at Kingston, as it's always had an inexplicable appeal ever since I was a child. It's just a country town that's seen better days since the gold rush, and I don't even think it has any shops anymore (just a pub).

Anyway, some then and now pics~

General store then, circa 1963.

General store now:

Former Creswick Shire Hall (circa 1911)

Old council building now:

Just nostalgia I guess. Or a yearning for peace and space.

[Black and white pics from collection of State Library of Victoria.]

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