Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oh Daiso!

As we were in Templestowe for a family lunch today, I suggested to Hubert that we go to Shoppingtown for a look. My master plan was to go to Daiso, as I'd been promising myself I'd go and check it out for ages now. So after feeling a bit lost in a panoply of shops (as I hadn't been there for years) we found it, and it was as 2 dollar-ariffic as I had hoped. Of course, our green friends should turn away now, because basically it's full of plastic crap. But it's fun crap, with kawaii characters, untranslatable packaging, and random stuff for kitchen and bathroom stuff that I'd never think to do in the first place (eyelid glue?!) Hubert obligingly carried the basket for me and said at the checkout "I think you've got about XX bucks worth of crap", and he was only 9 dollars under my final total. Oh dear. But my kawaii urge/Japanese goods fetish has been satisfied for a while, and now the kitchen has four new chair cushions made out of cute Japanese fabric (bunnies, turtles and dragonflies) as well as a bunny table runner. (Apparently it was a hand towel, but I'm sticking with table runner.)

Picture o' tons o' crap:

Ninja approves of this black cat notebook that I bought for my sis:

Here we've got some peony bath salts (in the box with the girl), bear shaped pump bottle, wooden based pincushion, pink bento box, and various notebooks. You can see the green bunny seat cushion underneath.

The beauty section is good fun too, with lots of little travel bottles and baggies, and all the false eyelashes you'd ever want (in my case, none). Plus I bought myself some concealer and eyebrow "glue". And for fans of Kawaii stationery, there's lots of supercutesy bits and bobs. I think we'll take Miss C for a visit when she's in town next. They also had crockery, mugs, plastic containers, cleaning products and and all your other useful two dollar type stuff. Hubert was pleased to find some filter bags for making his herbal tea. And I grabbed some innersoles and foot patches. So I'd definitely recommend a visit if you are inclined towards some Japanese frippery.


  1. Del-ish! Looks like the stuff we buy at 'Morning Glory' in China Town, love it!

  2. purdy :)

    I haven't heard of Daiso yet - must check it out!

  3. I love Daiso! I have heaps of bento boxes for the kids and you can never have too many bright coloured trays. When will I use them? No idea.


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