Thursday, September 1, 2011

minus mandrills

This blog is always minus mandrills...actually I don't like primates much at all really. Anyway, last weekend we journeyed to Adelaide for a visit to Hubert's daughter and very much enjoyed seeing her. Can't say I really enjoy the outer Northern suburbs of Adelaide, but that's by the by. One of the joyous things about Adelaide is that their zoo has not one, but two species of tapir! This of course, probably does not excite you, as you have have to be a tapir lover, and I'm guessing that the mandrill fanclub has more members than the tapir lovers, but I am not bothered by this. I was excited. And that's all that counts.

The tapirs remained indifferent to my presence, the Malayan ones (above) content to stay dozing under their fig tree. The Brazilian tapirs only perked up when a keeper bought them some leafy matter to munch on.



But nevertheless, I had seen real live tapirs! Cheers all round.

PS. the other big attraction at the Adelaide Zoo are the giant pandas, Wang Wang and Funi. They are very cute. But they don't have proboscises. Proboscides?!

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