Friday, September 30, 2011

At the moment

I am so glad it's Friday again. I seem to be dragging myself through each week. Hubert suggests that I make some goals to give me some focus and something to work towards, so that's on my list of things to do.

No bowling this weekend, that was last Saturday's one of my new favourite things to do. I'm not sure why, unlike the photo I don't have a colour coordinated bowling outfit, don't do leaps of joy, and certainly don't drink beer whilst bowling. Perhaps adopting all these practices will improve my game? Maybe the appeal is that I just enjoy smashing things down. Most of the time. When I actually hit the pins, that is.

Been thinking of another name for the blog...haven't got anything yet. Meh. The only thing I can't thought of, I can't really use, as it's a bit inappropriate. My friend the Knitting Knazi was telling me how her boyfriend has a tattoo (one of many) on his arm that says "Hello fuckers". What a delightful name for the blog, thought I. Maybe it would look lovely as an embroidered blog header.


Just finished reading this book, as I bought it here for $5. If you ask me, is it good? I'd say with all sincerity "Yes, you should read it", but at the same time, I didn't really enjoy it, and couldn't "connect" with the author. Oprah would probably say "Oh you're not ready for it yet, or you don't want to change blah blah" but I think it's more a case of "One man's meat is another man's poison"...well in this case, not quite poison, but maybe I'd prefer the chicken or fish to the meat. It should be noted that I recently started reading a Deepak Chopra book on death and abandoned it three quarters of the way through because I thought it was both boring and uninspiring. Also I didn't feel that his examples were logically proving his arguments. I don't know if Deepak is chicken, fish or maybe even lentils. My favourite "improve yourself" type book that I've read in the past year is this one.

The other thing I'm reading in bed is this...and golly it's slow. I enjoy a nice Agatha Christie novel on the tram, and was hoping the autobiography would discuss her writing process in more detail, but it's more like "around the same time that we were holidaying in Torquay, I worked on 'The Man in the Brown Suit', and it was eventually ready for the publishers." Hence, it gets me in a very sleepy mood before bed each night.


In other news, I bought Hubert this as a pressie.

He had a guitar years ago, and had to sell it... he told me that he was told at the time something to the effect of "You should grow up now anyway". This made me both indignant and sad. I found the guitar on ebay, so it was a bit of a bargain. One of my ambitions it to learn the piano, and Hubert has offered to give me a hand with that. Wonder if he realises what he's gotten himself in for?


In other news, still trying to overcome my fear of "rolling". Let's hope I get there. This girl is encouraging me lots.

Happy Friday, whatever you're up to this weekend.

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  1. everyone should have a guitar, if they desire one! glad you've been able to give Hubert back his... :)

    lists are good, but sometimes they actually serve as reminders of everything we HAVEN'T achieved!

    hope you work through yours at a steady pace and find your mojo once more xx


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