Monday, January 31, 2011

Chair love again

We all know the interwebz is full of crafty people and arty people doing good stuff. Sometimes I stumble across something that inspires me. This blog ~ Flourish and Blume ~ does, which I found this morning via Ink and Spindle.
Bummer that they're in Lismore, so far away. 'Cause they could really enable my found-roadside-chair fetish. (Note that I walked past one last week and left it on the nature strip. A 60s vinyl studded boxy type armchair no less. Sigh.)
Anyway, I really love this piece :
Yes that's hand drawn and then embroidered. Yum.
Image from this post here.
It makes me want to stitch all over my generic Ikea sofa. But never fear, I won't take that project on, as I know I'll never finish it.
I'll just keep drooling over their blog. (Flourish and Blume that is.)


  1. Everyone in blogland seems to be showing off their re-upholstery efforts lately and I want to learn SO BADLY! I'm not sure where you'd even start learning how to do this but I must. Must must!

  2. Thanks Drewzel! We're loving this blog community. Always worth getting those roadside treasures and stashing them away for when we do our roadtrip down your way!


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