Sunday, January 23, 2011

More love

Went to see this fella last night. Most of Australia have no idea who he is, but I seriously adore him.
Apart from being a great songwriter, singer and musician, he engages with the audience in a way I've never encountered before. I went to get an autograph after the show (Hubert had to push me to, I was too shy) and I'm sure I babbled something non-sensical to him, although I do remember shaking his hand and telling him he should move himself and his elderly parents to Australia.
Seriously who could not love a guy that:
- tells you stories about how his Hawthorn beanie started a fight at a Geelong gig, resulting in someone's tit flying out of their top
- sings you a song called "Hand Job on the Church Bus" and gets you to join in with singing and gestures during the chorus
- nipple rubs an audience member
- plays poems and songs from his iphone that his 81 year dad has sent him
- makes us all hug our neighbour during the final song.
Love the Poltz.


  1. Thanks for the good wishes on the Blogiversary :-) I don't seem to have an email for you so I've stopped by this way to catch you! Have you moved yet?

    This sounds like it would have been an interesting gig :-)

  2. Heyya :) yep we moved back in Dec.
    I just emailed you.


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