Monday, June 28, 2010

Stuff on my mind = almost incoherent babbling

Such is my mood this week, I can't even be bothered thinking of an exciting title for this post. I haven't been in blog world too much of late, as work has been crazy busy and I don't do much beside Facebook on the puter in the evenings. Work is also trying to move my office into the CBD, and I fear the commuting will kill me (yes I know other people manage it, but I am not other people, and I've definitely been occupying a fragile mental space lately.) I thought I'd found a solution, and had a job interview last week, but alas, found out yesterday that I didn't get the job. Winter has definitely got me down, and the new place is proving to be most freezing and damp in this cold weather. I feel a bit directionless and uncertain. This is leading me to sleepless nights and general blahs. But Hubert and teh wee beasties have been keeping me sane and so I'm hanging in there.
[Miss Burton C Bell, gazing at Hubert.]

So that's the whingy crap. But there is good stuff too. Did I tell you that in true "have a crack" spirit, Hubert has proved to be most handy in the kitchen? Quite remarkable. He decides what he might be interested in making, looks up a recipe on the trusty interwebs, and off he goes. So far his efforts have been highly successful. Toad in the Hole was good, plus provided me with amusement. Sunday saw a super yummy Potato and Leek soup (no photos because I scoffed it all). One of the ways to my heart is indeed through my stomach.

This post made me laugh and laugh this morning. I can so relate, I've been there. Not any more though, again, I'm very lucky that the fella leaves me alone to do the house thing. However, I haven't made any progress on it so far. Last Monday I took all the pictures off the lounge room wall, moved them about for an hour (repeatedly) and then cracked the poos and put them back where I'd started. The house (which is supposed to be retro really) is getting a bit Nanna-fied. Although the big Queens of the Stone Age print would beg to differ. It seems that Ninja has finally grown out of his eat-the-palm-trees phase, so the house can again have pot plants.

[Portrait of the Ninja as a young hooligan.]

[Although these two are looking mighty suspicious.]

Last Thursday we went to Savers in the evening, and I bought NOTHING. Not a sausage. I left feeling rather unfulfilled. There was no vintage teatowels, pillowcases or reasonably priced china to be found. I hope this is not a trend. Not that I need more stuff really, I still have a whole heap of clothes, books, china and furniture at my old house to round up.

Speaking of furniture, this cupboard has been hiding in the shed since we moved in, and I feel it is nearly time to unearth it and install it in the casa. It needs a good clean and a coat of paint - most probably white. I think I'll leave the drawer liners as they are. But the writing really has to go. One drawer is marked "skivvies". I'm grateful I don't own any of those anymore.

Guess who gets the fun job of doing most of the work? No, not Ninja.

In crafty news, I've been stitching (embroidering) pillowcases (what a surprise!) and have decided to make a granny square cushion cover. Yesterday we* swapped my big 50s kitchen table for Hubert's small wood and white version, which fits the space much better. But I then decided that the kitchen chairs needs cushions/chair pads, preferably with granny square covers. This lovely tutorial gave me a new square design and off I went a-hookin'.

[camera hasn't picked up the true colours though. Damn this fluoro lighting.]

As usual, I'm having issues with the colours. Do I like the combo? How come I like the wool until I actually make the squares? ARGH! I really do think granny squares and I are not meant to be sometimes.

You know those blogs with the gorgeous, perfectly styled photos? This is not one of them. But I think you'd probably noticed this already. Thankfully, I now have a camera again (thanks to my mate Nat) so maybe the photos will improve. Can only hope.

I shall return ~ at some stage ~ with pfaffed up house photos and some completed craft. Yeah.

*the royal we of course. You know who does all the hard work around the Villa now.


  1. Ahhh yes, that's the thing I miss most about having a bloke about the house!
    Are you sure you don't have a hidden stash of skivvies hanging around somewhere???

  2. Oh Steph! I will take any post of yours. Even if you talked about cat poo, I would hang off every word.
    I love your squares. Keep 'em coming. You can never see the big picture until they are all sewn up together.

  3. Well good to see Hubert is making sure you are nourished!
    Love the wardrobe, similar to the one I have in the craft room, I don't have a skivvy drawer but I have labelled them, cards, wrapping etc...
    Winter has that effect on me too! But try some kitteh or Spike cuddles, Hot Milo and some Granny Squares should keep you warm..x

  4. Go the skivvy! I'm with you on the commuting, I'm getting mighty lazy in my dotage.

  5. Love your photos girl but as for the travel, yep I hear ya. There's not many jobs here where i live in this small town so driving 40 mins to work and back each day is a necessity but you gotta do what works for you :-)


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