Monday, June 7, 2010

The post with the crappy photos

My weekend was good ~ the usual fare: stitching, drinking, movies, hanging out, nom-ing. Rain. Wee bit o' shopping. Trip to Ballarat to watch a derby bout on Sunday.
I attempted to take some pics, but couldn't get Hubert's camera to co-operate with me. But here they are anyway:

Edit - added pic of Isis for Steph who commented.

I love all the Derby girls, they rock my socks.
And now, back to Monday...


  1. I really enjoy heading out to Ballarat for derby - it's fun to pack for a road trip, and it's less crowded than VRDL. Also I adore Nine Lives Isis. :o)

  2. Nine Lives Isis is very very good! Sooo quick and agile!

  3. Hey Drewzel, do you have any idea if that chic's real name is Isis? That's my name! I haven't met many others..


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