Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And it's Winter

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No surprise there. As I write this, I haven't left the office yet, and it's getting dark, dark. Those of us who live in a 9-5 world don't really thrill over Winter as it means getting out of bed in the cold and coming home in the dark. Right now I'm procrastinating over writing a job application (although I just checked and it doesn't close until the 7th June)... and thinking I should go home and play with wool and eat yummy food, and stay inside with loved ones by the heater, because that's what Winter should be about. Comfort.

Damn this work caper, sucking up all my free time. I've had an up and down day as I've been worrying about paying things on time and I know the money is coming, but I don't like mucking people around. (I'd make such a bad crook.) Worry is useless, non-productive, and hard to shake off. So I should go home, out into the cold and remind myself that I'm incredibly lucky to have a warm home and loved ones to go home to.


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