Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pincushion swappy - out

As my partner will get her pincushion pressie soon, I thought I'd put a couple of pics on the blog. After pondering hedgehogs, pears and jar pincushions, I ended up going for a simple rectangle, as my sewing mojo is still lacking and when faced with the machine now, anything too taxing ends in cranky pants.

At the moment you get the back view of the pincushion as the front will give the recipient's identity away.

And the little sewing kit is fashioned out of an recycled choccy truffles tin from yonks ago, with bits and bobs stuck on by yours truly. I've also included some chocolate and a little bag of random cutesy stuff. True to my stash bust, I didn't buy anything new for this...besides the chocolate, obviously.

Hope you like it Ms Swap Partner!

PS. I haven't forgotten that I promised someone a bundle of desk-ish stuff as a result of my desk drawer post from a few weeks back. While I'm on a roll, I'll do that later this afternoon.

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  1. I loved it all and I didnt take a pic of the back for my blog but I loved all the little fabrics you used for it! The pin box is super cute, what a great idea. It will be treasured.


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