Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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So this week it's all about moving. And I'm freaking. I'm not sure why. I keep having anxiety attacks that immobilise me and feel that I just can't do anything on my own. Luckily my parentals are helping with moving the big stuff on the weekend, so that's good. But I'm not sure why I feel this way.


  1. Because it's change.
    If you are like me Steph, I love my same old same old day in day out. It's comfort and home to me.
    It won't take long to make it your comfort zone. Just unpack all the good stuff first - doilies, throws, pillows. Save the crap for last.
    loves to you

  2. Girl, been there done that a few months ago. I thought I couldn't do it on my own too. You will be able to do it, just take one day at a time like I've been doing, it's been a huge emotional roller coaster but once you're in the property you'll realize like I did that it's for the best *hugs*

  3. It will all be alright steph! Take it from me I've spebnt my entire life moving.. Gypsy blood maybe? Think of it as a new adventure.. You will be able to watch the kittehs and the Spike find new places in the garden to sleep in the sun... Once you have moved and settled it will all be good! Chin up Tiger!!

  4. Moving is always stressful. Just make sure you have a teapot, tea cup and tea in a bag or box, and that that bag/box is the first thing that gets moved in. Oh, and your kettle. There's no situation that a good cup of tea can't fix - especially when you're moving.

  5. I always get completely out of sorts when I move, totally rigid with anxiety. Nothing a good 'stitch in the ay' won't put right!

  6. I am moving this weekend too. It's a terrible chore but I am excited because moving means leaving my unbearable housemate of the moment. Get me out!


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