Thursday, March 4, 2010

What I'm up to right now

Reading Kitty's blog, I came across this post where she was sharing a few things and liked the idea very much. As I'm out of brain power today, I thought I'd take my cue for her. Thanks Kitty.

Currently I'm :
Watching :: repeats of The Young Ones :: "SPG was asleep on the radiator".
Reading :: Japanese embroidery books :: my whole collection of 4 - I got them from my old house yesterday and am inspired. Expect some cutesy embroidery soon.
Making :: nothing useful :: embellishing really. And more grannies. I have plans for a doona cover though...when I can be bothered sewing again.
Eating :: spag bog :: oh the joys of living on one's own, I've had leftover spag bog for the past three nights and can't say I've cared. Need some crunch veg tonight I think.
Feeling :: rundown :: my current situation is getting on top of me.
Thinking :: about next week's trip to see Hubert :: 8 days to go.
Hoping :: that we can settle old house soon :: I want things to be happy and I need the money.
Wondering :: where I can find a new job :: I'm over it. Also wondering if it might be worth renting in Ballarat for a while before buying.
Hearing :: Modest Mouse and Sarah Blasko :: 'Good News...' on repeat in the car, and 'As Day Follows Night' in the cd player in the villa. Must find some new music though. Maybe this.
Liking :: my new bed linen :: bit of colour for the bedroom, hopefully it will scare the bad dreams away.
Wanting :: to settle down again :: hopefully soon.
Playing :: with embroidery floss and Ninja kitteh :: although his Ninja habits have been doing my head in this week.
Wishing :: for a wee housie of my own :: out of my hands right now though.
Enjoying :: the creative energy of my favourite blogs :: you guys inspire me.
Coveting :: retro chairs, tickets to the Avett Brothers in April :: hopefully I'll get them soon. Where's that money tree?

Play along if you'd like...what's on your mind?


  1. I thought I was the only person who loved Modest Mouse. I was only listening to them about two hours ago. I LOVE them.
    Now there are two of us. More and more things I love about you Steph.

  2. so much to think about ... so many plans. Great to share that with your readers.

  3. Ballarat! Everytime I find something great on eBay it's in bloody Ballarat! Be good to have an insider there for all the fantastic retro goodies :) Whenever i have the Fibro Majestic to myself I revert to cooking like that too. Hope you can settle the house and start to feel better soon x


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