Monday, March 1, 2010

Still Warm

Still Warm, originally uploaded by evanleavitt.

...which is actually the name of this photo. It's now March, and still warmish, but I'm welcoming the cooler weather. And read any Southern Hemisphere blog today and they'll tell you it's the first day of Autumn. One thing I'm hoping house-to-be will have is an open fireplace for snuggling in front of. (Naturally, the practical side of me is also hoping for central heating as well...unless you love chopping wood Hubert.) Of course, it's also the start of knitting what project will I start this year...and not finish? Oh, the potential!

PS. If you love tumble-down, neglected beauty, go and look at all of Evan Leavitt's photos, they are just sublime!


  1. Quite hot here today, doesn't feel very autumn like at all - except for being so dark this morning - I really did find it difficult getting out of bed!

  2. I'm the same, I hate getting up in the dark! Definitely the worst thing about Winter.

  3. ooh I LOVE autumn, the leaves are turning yellow here and we've finally got rain!


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