Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pink stuff

Playing along with My Place and Yours this week, and the theme is pink things in your house. Except that I have, well, bugger all pink stuff. It's not that I don't like pink, it's just that I've never had the urge to surround myself with pink, even as a wee Drewzel. Blue is my favourite colour. (I do like wearing pink though.) A quick scan of the villa this morning before work failed to locate anything significantly pink (orange, on the other hand...) except for my kitteh cookie jar and kitteh salt and pepper shaker that live on the shelf above the stove. So that's your lot for today. But it is a cute lot.


  1. i'm in the bugger all category too ... not a pink gal at all although I should have looked a little hard in Miss C's room. she's the resident pinkie in our house but i tend to avoid her room! love your little cat cutie though ... definitely a little pink happening there.

  2. I ended up turning to the kids blue is my colour and brown too much to my daughters horror. Love the cats very cute.

  3. Cookie jars are so fun. Yours is darling!


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