Thursday, March 18, 2010

Op-shop china

Yesterday's trip to Savers was rather fruitful, although there were a lot of things I left on the shelf, mainly due to that spreading disease Ridiculoulslyoverpricedluenza. Damn viruses. So I took a few pics instead:

Small Pyrex bowls - pretty but the designs didn't thrill me.

This one I liked very much - English Staffordshire dinner set, but at $3.49 a dinner plate, it was staying there. And I couldn't find the cups to go with the saucers, so couldn't even get a teaset out of it. (Today's whinge at Savers - WHY THE HELL DO YOU SEPARATE TEACUPS AND SAUCERS?!!!!) Yes I am yelling.

Just cute. I love that clear blue glaze. And boy do I need to rectify this no-camera situation.

Not my thing but most groovy!

Pretty New Zealand-made dinner set. 'Autumn Leaves' (I think) is the pattern.

This is what I did end up taking home:
Japanese casserole pot with phallic mushrooms, lidless deery cookie jar, glass of orangey goodness and one of the cup and saucers from the 'Autumn Leaves' dinner set. (And a vintage sheet and pillowcase, more white ones for stitching, and a Jeff Buckley cd.) Also my crochet blankie. I also left a cute 50s wooden coffee table there, and was beaten to a wooden sewing box thingy on legs by a determined (read: aggressive) woman and her mother. Oh well, I was happy with Bambi.

It should be noted that the $80 cannister set had gone... had someone bought it? Did they discount it first? Who knows?


  1. Oh, we had (have) the cupless saucers in brown/orange at home, with solid orange cups. The cups have a narrow bottom and the saucers don't have a good rim, probably the cups are all gone? If you love them, keep an eye on solid cups in one of the colours on the saucer.
    I love your finds.

  2. Talk about Thrifter's envy! Shiza, I'm moving to Melbs!!!


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