Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More opping

I decided to do a Savers trawl after work yesterday, as I felt the need for some "new" bed linen. Surprisingly I found the linen I wanted, as I came away with two sheets and four pillowcases, a book ...and the crankies.

Washed and waiting for action.

I also scored a very nice copy of this fun book...not sure if I'll knit anything out of it ever, but these pages appealed:

"out of step with the world"

I really just want this knitting bag! Sooo much!

Further to this post, finding these on the shelf gave me a chuckle:

(and yes Pip, I did buy you a wee yellow one.)

As usual however, a visit to Savers gives me the cranky factor, as the prices are just getting ridiculous...

Example one ~ this lovely bit of green art pottery. "Hooray..." I said as I spotted it, "mmm green glaze." "Boo!!" I said as I found out it was $29.99.

Blurry photo as I was probably shaking with rage. (Nah I just made that up...taking pics with the i-phone is shite.)

Example two ~ getting slightly more ridiculous and sad making. "Hooray!!" I said as I spotted a vintage comforter, in all it's orange beauty, "just what I'm after." "Boo!" I said, as I saw the price tag "You've gotta be f***ing kidding me!".... $39.99!!

Example three ~ TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. "Oooh," said I, about a month ago, when I first spotted these "kitschy 50s/60s cannisters, I could make room in my kitchen for these." "FFS!!!" said I, when I saw the price tag of $79.99. "What the dog is this, Antiques Roadshow or something??"

Get REAL Savers. These beauties have been on the shelf for over a month now, and will stay there, I'm tipping. I'm not disputing the monetary value of these items, but Savers, you're a second hand recycling store that gets FREE STUFF from people to sell to people with not a lot of disposable income. You're not the bloody Chapel St Bazaar. Most disappointment and much booing to you.


  1. I paid $80 for my matching rare coloured cannisters... that is RETARDED another reason why I dont go to savers any more... I can get way cheaper and better stuff on ebay including postage!

  2. Yep it's getting ridiculous. Salvos around the corner from my house are one of the dearest around I suspect!

  3. That sheet at the top of the post? It is EXACTLY the same as the ones my Gran had. I got a bit teary looking at it. Wadryagonnamake? Lots of goodies here. Go the cannister set - every home should have some I reckon.

  4. Oh that sheet is to die for...but yes Savers lately have been giving me the sheets.
    I thought they had a wayward price gun...but nope.


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