Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hump Day Roundup

Indeed, it is that time of week again, for me to tell anyone that may be interested of my crafting endeavours of the past seven days...although for the life of me, I'm having trouble recalling the past seven days. Thursday is a blank, Friday was a write off, and Saturday, also a blank. The rest of the time, I set myself a goal: to finish my chair cover embroidery project as a matter of urgency, as Ninja has had a fine old time ripping the "naked" chair, and I was a bit sick of the trashing.
So now he has a pretty thing to rip up instead:

The pattern is of course, Sublime Stitching's designs from The Black Apple. I'm not 100% sure if this one is finished, I don't know if it needs the little banner saying "hello" or an extra bird or two. (Edited to add - when I was putting the link in, I realised I meant to add in the bunny and the teacups - to the upper left of the trees. So I'm not finished!) But I'm pleased with my row of wee housies on the back of Ikea chair. I have similar plans for the other chair (maybe using the Julie West sheet)...but right now, I can't be arsed.

Other crafty thing this week...started a little lunch time project:

Just something else for the wall.

As an aside, am I the only one who finds that the camera on the i-phone shite? Might have to ask the universe to send me a new camera soon. Apologies for the bad photos of the chair, I took them with said i-phone at 11pm last night.


  1. Oh aren't the little houses cute!
    Wowee thats a lot of little stitches there Steph.

  2. It's gorgeous Steph! You are such a clever sausage.


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