Monday, March 8, 2010

7 things

Yesterday, over at Myrtle & Eunice I was tagged to share 7 things about myself. Hopefully this will be edifying for you, or at least vaguely interesting. Here goes:

Number, originally uploaded by red.i.

I have somewhat of a fingernail phobia. People playing with their nails, chewing them, cutting them near me gives me the heebie jeebies. In a similar fashion, I HATE long overmanicured nails, nail art, and FAKE NAILS. UGH. The Knitting Knazi and I use the term "fake nails" to describe a certain type of a girl...almost a nouveau bogan. "She was just so fake nails." Does this make me a bad person? Whatever.

I got in trouble in Grade 6 for being sick on Spelling Bee night, as my teacher at the time thought that my input would lead to our school winning. You'd think this would give me a big head, but I remember at the time just feeling horribly sad that the school was relying on one person (me) and that she didn't give a shit about my wellbeing, only that we didn't win. There have been many teachers that lost my respect throughout my school life, and while there are heaps of great, hardworking teachers out there, I think the process of becoming a teacher should be harder or more regulated or something, because I think there's a lot of teachers out there that shouldn't be allowed near kids.

hoch drei / au cube, originally uploaded by pierre-vdm.

I like to think I can sing. I probably can't though. I need to sing in the car to distract me from my thoughts...otherwise I don't concentrate on the road. Plus singing in the car is fun.

Seagull at Pier 4, originally uploaded by Massimo [B].

Some things I really like include: red frogs, sideburns, road trips, sitting in the bath reading, tattoos, open fires, art deco, classic Holdens, and footballers' thighs.

05 Numbers - Apartment 5, originally uploaded by M.Holland.

I'm sorry but if you write on Facebook, Twitter, e-mails et al, and "ur txt reads lik this & u r trying 2 make a significant point or ev3n xpress an opinion or jst tlk crap" I will dismiss you as a dickhead and whatever you're trying to say as a load of bollocks. The only time I find such expression acceptable is in SMS communication "bcuz fones r a bastrd 2 type on". Sigh. And people PLEASE learn the difference between "they're" "their" and "there". Goddamn it's not that hard.

6th floor, originally uploaded by sarah arnett.

I can't live without music. That's a pretty basic one.
This is my favourite song ever:

7, originally uploaded by biphop.

I love my bed. Why yes, I could spend all day in bed. Especially with some good company.

Okay so that's seven... so now I'm supposed to tag seven people, so I'll go for Toni, Amy, Jacqui, Bek, Claire, Hubert, and Steph. Maybe you've done it already, maybe you haven't. But I'd be interested to see what you come up with. Tagging forward optional.


  1. right, you got it! footballers thighs? mmmm

  2. I am going to do mine right now miss Steph!

    I like footballers thighs too. That's about all though.

  3. I totally agree with you especially on 5, the language things. I'm almost fanatic about the correct use of my native tongue and hope to write acceptable English.


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