Monday, February 22, 2010

Just so

you don't think that I'm the world's grumpiest old bag* I did a happy dance when I opened my mailbox today. Pressies! For me!
The first one, a prize from the splendiferous Curly Pops...I had to take a pic before I opened it as the wrapping was so cute...and inside was a gorgeous gadget pouch. And oh yes, I love the Japanese fabric.

Hooray! Thank you Cam, and my i-Pod thanks you too. xx

The other cheerworthy pressie was a surprise from Hubert... just 'cause I guess. He rules!

Here's a song from the album because we *heart* Sarah.

* I know I'm a cranky old bag, but not the world's crankiest! hee.

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  1. Yah! i'm very glad it arrived just in time to cheer you up.
    I have that cd - it's ace


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