Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bit o' opping

As today was somewhat trying (read: no new house for me anytime soonish) I decided to hit Savers after work. Which actually was somewhat yielding... I'm outta words tonight and feeling rather exhausted, so a couple o' pics for you:

Yes, some nice vintage Pyrex, a floral tray, vase in my favourite colour and a nanna tin. And an Penguin mug for a whole 69 cents, to keep Gatsby company.

Also a kitteh pillowcase, a mat for embroidering and a doiley for an experiment:
Is that any better?
I also bought some retro panty hose, a couple of embroidery hoops and a footstool, but that's tomorrow's story...


  1. Not a whole lot of persuasion required for 69 cents! SIXTY NINE cents did you say? You go girl.

  2. Yeah beats teh $25 bucks I paid for the Great Gatsby one :P

  3. I love your finds! You have a gift lady.


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