Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I've changed the blog name for a while. For two reasons, obviously because of my love of orange, and because of my word for the year.

Luckily I have about 3 readers now anyway, so I'm sure no one will be bothered. Commitment issues? Me?

I'm just slowly starting to get back into blogging again and reading all my favourites. Sometimes you find things that make you wanna cry. So much inspiring stuff out there...but I also must say I've sort of enjoyed "switching off" as well, because I am a great victim of craftworld overstimulation. The 400 or so unfinished projects I have are testament to my enthusiasm for following my latest inspriation...until tomorrow's idea strikes. Anyway I'll just potter along, as I do value my blog as a personal scrapbook, and I am the world's worst journal keeper (sorry Anais).

PS. the clever clogs amongst you will pick the references as well.


  1. I pop in every day and if you are here, fantastic, and if you are not, I pop in again the next.
    When I didn't blog for end of December it was so good. I love my little blog, but it kind of nice to not think about it for awhile.
    You blog when you want. Don't be a slave to it.

  2. Thank god I found you again my friend! I had a little or long rest aswell, but ready to start again.. I will look forward to reading as you potter along. Nice to know you are here to keep me amused again!

  3. As long as the blog "address" stays the same so I can find it, change the "title" all you want :-)

    Oh and that makes 4!!


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