Thursday, January 14, 2010

Syd's and No fog, no frost!

Normally I'd put this on Bernice, but it just appealed to me so much I thought I'd put it in here today. An old pic of Chatham railway station, look at the empty fields and lovely old houses...I want to go to Syd's and get some furniture!

The image isn't dated on the site, but I'm guessing early 1920's?

A google to try and find a current picture of Chatham was fruitless, but I did find this interesting article. I'm rather attached to old railway stations, as I grew up right near the Creswick one.

Oh yes, we have a Centro where Mornington railway station was, because the world needed another Coles, Priceline and Target. Yeah.

Speaking of Mornington, from the same site, check out some of these travel posters:

All these posters don't change the fact that my Kodak is currently still broken after being nom'd by Lola.

And here's one of the few pics I could find of Mornington station, I'm thinking that the "well known identity" is Santa on his day off. Ho ho ho.

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