Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some industriousness

Most of Saturday I was cranky and irritable (damn hormones) and it was too hot to tackle the outside world anyway, so I spent the day pottering around at home. I managed to clean up the spare room, which was starting to look like a bomb site, as I'd just been stowing things in there willy-nilly to keep them out of Ninja's reach. After stowing all my knitting projects safely in the wardrobe away from little paws, I packed up the Christmas tree, and then felt an urge to delve in my box of fabric. (Only one box? No I'm not some sort of fabric-hating crafter, but atthe moment I only have one box of fabric here, as nearly everything else I own is back at the other house still.) The idea in my mind was to put the Japanese prints together to make some sort of quilt cover. But as usual I became distracted, this time by a piece of Alexander Henry's 'Buffet' print fabric. Earlier in the day I'd moved some curtains to the front window (after shutting Ninja in the bathroom so I could actually hang the damn things without a small kitten entangled) so I had curtains on the brain. Some crooked sewing later (well I had started on the bourbon), and a moment of crankiness after I realised I had to cut a new elastic for the kitchen window, I had a new "curtain" of sorts:

The other noteworthy achievement of my day? If you recall, Ikea self-assembly furniture and I do not get along. I decided that I was sick of the tin locker sitting in the spare room as a testament to my inepitude, and set to it with a screwdriver. After bending the joints, I actually levered the top off and turned it around the right way... this meant that I could finally attach the door. The hinge is still not sitting properly though, but at least it has a door now. Hurrah.

The sad part of the story is that you know I'll go back and get more Ikea furntiure. And try and assemble it myself. And fail. And get cranky. And have someone fix it for me. And go back for more furniture... and...


  1. oooh you did well! I like the curtains!

  2. I love your curtain! It's so pretty! and the cabinet. Good job Steph. Would it be much to add a little text to those DIY pictures. Sometimes I am holding the booklet upside down.
    Man, I am still haunted by the great ikea bookcase fiasco of 1998.

  3. Ah I'm not tell about the bookcase fiasco?! please?


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