Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rainy Day

Today as supposed to be catch up on housework day, but as it was cold, overcast and rainy, it became couch day. I had grand crafty plans, but then decide that my lounge room wall needed a portrait of a deer.

Sublime Stitching came through for me of course. ('Forest Friends' pattern.)

So this was the view most of the afternoon for me:

And for Ninja:

As I write this, the wind is threatening to blow us all away, and the rain is coming in all directions. And I'm trying to keep the cat from destroying the kitchen. Hopefully I'll get the deer finished tomorrow, and maybe I'll do some housework too. But I wouldn't bet on it.


  1. The deer embroidery is fantastic!
    How about that rain! Poor Ben made a rock wall and slaved over it for hours, then he forgot to cover it with a tarp and now it's a rock path....
    ps - are those white tim tams i see? Move over on that couch, Imma comin!

  2. are those white Tim Tams I see before me?? I've never been a Tim Tam girl but now, white ones...hmmm. Is it sunny again down there now Ms Drewzel? We are having a day that is like the first day of winter and I LOVE it. I think I was born on the wrong continent. Random thought: Have you ever read The L-Shaped Room? A friend gave it to me when I moved into my little one bedroom apartment many moons ago (bc - as in 'before the chickens'). I can't recall much about it now but I loved it at the time. Like I said, random thought!

  3. Yes, white Tim Tams! Anyone is welcome to come over and have one!
    Jacqui, no I haven't read that, but now you've randomly suggested it, I will have to :)


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