Thursday, January 7, 2010


By the way, the ink is quite tidy, it's just my photography that makes everything look crappy.

I am an impulsive creature, I won't deny that. Yesterday I discovered a tattoo shop next to my local chemist, and that planted the seed... by the time I'd finished work I'd decided to get a new wrist tattoo. Again, the design is from an embroidery pattern sheet:

I chose the crown: a) because I liked it; b) because apparently Stephanie means "crown"; and c) because I liked it. I also plan to put some text under it, specifically the Latin : "Dilige, et quod vis fac." ...which is generally translated to "Love, and do what you will." But I have to be 100% sure the Latin is right before I commit to the ink. And I might add some colour to the crown too.

On the inspiration side, this is another front runner for a fave tatt design...but I'm loathe to copy someone else's special tatt. But I love the Vonnegut quote and the font.

I can't remember the exact source of this pic, but I know I found it via this site.
I think though, as much as I love that quote, my text tattoo (when I get around to doing it) will be some e.e. cummings. Same font though.
And for the curious, I still haven't decided on a cupcake tatt design yet, so no progress there.


  1. I have a friend who wants one on her inner hurty was it???
    Oh and the sock yarn was Cherry tree hill supersock, I've Rav linked it at the bottom of my new post.

  2. Ta Cate.
    Leonie, it wasn't too bad, but of all the tatts I've got so far, it was the hurty-est! But not intolerable.
    Oooh will check out the yarn!


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