Thursday, December 31, 2009

Seeya 2009

Playing along with Curlypops, some of the stuff from my 2009:

  • New Kitteh tatt
  • Me
  • Puppy party - 14 November, their 1st birthday
  • Baileys in glass from oppy
  • Someone's awful Britney tatt...saw her live in November
  • The girls in Brissy
  • My Xmas tree!
  • RIP Gatsby cat, Dec 1996 - May 2009
  • Babysat Beeper bird in Nov
  • Ate lots and lots and lots of 2 minute noodles!
  • Housesat Stanley banana's place back in February
  • Doin' in nanna style at teh Stitches and Craft show
  • Cherry tatt, new in March
  • Granny malarkey, WIP
  • New place to live, Oct
  • My mate Lamby xx

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