Thursday, December 10, 2009


I've been going through a bit of a self-imposed exile. Sometimes it feels like Facebook is my only link to the outside world, those of you who know me well am aware how much time I spend on there. It helps keep me sane. I'm still not sure where I'm at, I have times where I miss my husband dreadfully, I miss all the little things like having our own vocabulary, and the fact that someone "gets" you. Oh, I've met a few people, the bad and the bad, and the okay-ish. I've been cursing distance, wanting a cuddle, and wishing and thinking. I've been op-shopping, bookshopping and reading, and trying to stitch my troubles away. I've jumped for joy at my independence, loved having my own uncluttered space, pined for the cats and staffies and drunk too much bourbon. And I have met someone new with lots of potential, but I worry about my baggage.
I'm just trying to work out what's important.


  1. It's so hard to just start all over again - its been 15 months for me and I still struggle.

  2. Sorry you're going through some hard stuff girl *hugs*

  3. Oh Steph. I had no idea.
    I love your FB links and words and pics...they make me laugh because sometimes I feel like there is nobody on that thing. Like I am talking to the trees.
    I know how you feel. Sometimes I feel like the only lady on this hill. My three best friends are two under four that can't form complete sentences and one that goes to work from dawn until dusk.
    It's the worst cliche in the book...but one day at a time. It is truly the only thing that works.


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