Thursday, October 8, 2009

Further thoughts

On my crochet blankie. After finding this knitting book at Savers on Tuesday, I'm considering making a knitted blankie instead. See the knitted dress pattern? I think the scallopy stripes would look good as a big knitted blanket too. Pro - knitting uses less yarn than crochet? Con - I am the world's slowest knitter. Yesterday a nice lady from Bendigo Woollen Mills rang me about my order, God love her, she sounded like she was about 65... so my yarn will be arriving soon, and I'll give the knitting a burl.

Amongst the knitting patterns at Savers there were some real 50s 60s and 70s gems, especially for men's knitted waistcoats, but practising rare self restraint, I only bought the ones I'd actually make... And I really like the designs in this book, retro goodness!

Cute skirt and top.

Cute cardis with bow.

And just a shot of some scary eye makeup...I'm thinking late 60s?


  1. Come on, my Auntie still does eye make-up like that (oops). So, er, you're sure you want to bite off a chunk of this blanket malarkey then? (go girl!)

  2. oh definitely! show us photos afterwards


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