Monday, October 12, 2009

Blanket Malarkey 1

Just a WIP pic. Don't look too closely, there's a few mistakes. Who said I could count? Not me!

I also have a quandry, as I'm still not convinced that I love the granny square...I'm trying to envision a finished blankie, as I think it will all come together okay...but I'm finding I prefer the look of the round crochet medallions without the cream square edge. The problem would be, how to join them?

PS. Like my new side table? I pinched it off mum and dad... they had another larger one. Mum said they picked them off the street on hard rubbish day (ssh don't tell the council). Who are the nice people of Kew throwing out good mid-century furniture? Hope they keep it up!


  1. I love your granny squares Steph...never say never eh? xx

    I LOVE your table too.

  2. Ha Kirst, I was so thinking of you when I was writing this post. Who woulda thunk it :P

  3. Yeah, I had a little think along the joining of the circles as well - I'm sure I've seen it done before - but then conveniently came around to the cream border!

  4. these are stunning! I still can't crochet!


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