Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Antique Shed

As in, not an ancient shed, but a shed full of antiques. One of the places down my end of the world that I love is the Mornington Antique Centre (65 Tyabb Road Mornington open every day from 10-5). My Monday-itis was still getting me down yesterday, so I went for a wander after work. Last time the Fella and I were there, nothing really jumped out at me, but this time, various things said "Take me home Steph", and even though I ummed over the prices of a couple of them, the following items came with me:

Stuff on my kitchen bench... as you can see I've FINALLY found a metal soap shaker (that was the one that I ummed over the price). Everything else is just nice bits for the casa. The orange tin is a little vintage watercolour set, the blue jar is an Avon perfume cream jar and I was taken with the funky perpetual calendar, so I grabbed that too. And some art glass for my new e-bayed buffet, which Dad is hopefully dropping off on the weekend.

Sigh... I probably shouldn't be so pleased about acquiring stuff, 'cause after all they're just material possessions. But following William Morris' "useful/beautiful" theory... yay for nice things.


  1. Cate, you put bits of leftover soap or Velvet soap in there and swoosh it around in your sink to make bubbles. Just something I wanted, my grandma used to have one.


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