Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just 'cause

This pic is from Linda's Flickr. Mmm Tupperware (or "tuppage" as it is known in my household).I love the green!


  1. Hey, that's what was missing in my life! (beyond all the lids to mine) a posh take on the Tupperware title. OK with you if I borrow your 'Tuppage'? (not sure if this accurate but I'm pronouncing it 'tupp-arge').

    PS. Those no-place-like-home shoes are (a bit too) close to my heart! I just embroidered 'em from a similar reference...

  2. LOVE retro tupperware, I've actually got 2 of the green (above) cake containers that I found in our local op shop for $2 for the pair last year - what a bargain!

  3. Tania, go for it!
    Amy, ooh, lucky lucky, I love the green!


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