Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another blog

Time for a change. Last week I moved house, to a unit by the bay. I can see the beach from the end of my street, and I've got my own space to potter around in. There's a certain amount of sadness and grieving, but overall I'm positive. It was the fairest thing for HP and something I needed to do. This just leaves me as a chick with crap and craft. The clutter, cars and critters remain at Portionvilla. Another thing that tears my heart. So anyway, I have some new adventures ahead and we'll see how I go. I just hope everyone still drops in for a cuppa.

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  1. Man what is it with September? This month should come with a warning. Hope you are ok.

  2. take care lovely Drewzel - I can't think of a better place for a new nest than near the sea with all those positive ions to help heal the soul.

  3. Can I come visit? When's good for you? I will bring goodies from our garden :)


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